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Why is using SIP Panels the smart choice for your Self Build?

SIP Panels are an option you may choose particularly as a Self Builder, but what actually are they and why are they so esteemed within the Industry? At CountryOak we have been using them as our preferred method of Insulation and means of creating Structural Walls for the last 10 years. SIPs (Structural insulated panels) are a high performance building system compromising of an Insulating Foam Core, sandwiched between two Structural Facings.

Due to the fact they are fabricated entirely offsite, your Building Shell can be weather proofed and complete in as little as a few days making them one of the most Economical as well as Eco- Friendly forms of construction. The high strength to weight ratio of SIP Panels allows large sections of your building to be fitted at once, speeding up the time required on site for erection.  The Offsite fabrication reduces waste and also helps reduce embodied and transport energy.

SIP insulation exceeds the current Building Regulation requirements on its own.  The foam insulation has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) rating of zero and has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). SIPs, through their strength and ease of connection, offer the designer more versatility than other construction materials, allowing possibilities beyond the conventional, such as sloping roof panels creating an open space that when utilised, properly maximises any building plot.

SIPS buildings are generally more energy efficient, stronger, quieter and more airtight than older technologies.  Less air leakage means less drafts, fewer noise penetrations and significantly lower energy bills, thus a reduction in CO2 emissions. The use of SIPs within sustainable homes can provide a platform to achieve code Level 4 and 5, thanks to their enhanced thermal reliability.

At Country Oak we work closely with SIP providers Bentleys and Siphaus. If you would like to know more about the advantages they can bring to your build, contact Nick for an informal chat.

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