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Our Services 



At Country Oak, we are inspired by both the Contemporary and the Traditional roots of Oak Joinery within our designs. 

We have a highly experienced Architectural team that are happy to work with you on an idea from scratch. Alternatively, you may be a Self Builder coming to us with an Architect who is already on board, in which case we are happy to work alongside them to work out the best design choices suitable for the specific site.


The team places particular emphasis on creating  a 'smart' home utilising as much sustainability as possible through options such as SIP Panels to provide insulation or even changing the position of the windows in the ceiling in order to allow as much natural light in as possible, therefore minimising the amount of artificial light needed. 


Utilising only traditional Mortice and Tenon Joinery,  we can construct your build by hand at our Winchester Workshop, before transferring to assemble on site. 

We can fabricate and Install  just the Oak Frame, or offer  the complete 'Turnkey' build which would be finished on site. 

Using only our Construction Team who have the specialist expertise needed to work with the Oak on site. We can also offer additional specialist trade suppliers for areas such as Roofing, SIP Panels Etc. We are happy to Project Manage these Suppliers should you wish. 

Throughout the Build process we will be on hand to answer any questions and attend Site Visits with Contractors/ Architects. 


Supply and Fit 

The benefits of opting for an Oak Frame mean that the entire Frame is constructed in our Workshop and can be assembled On Site usually in a matter of weeks with our skilled craftsmen. 

This is the exciting moment when you will get to see the structure of your building for the first time. Following the laying of Foundations,  a crane will be used to raise the Frame and Install the Timbers in the correct order, securing with Hand Made Oak Pegs. 

You can then proceed with your chosen method of Infill, whether that be SIP Panels or other. 

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