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Sustainable Design 

Tree Planting

Oak is also very sustainable as the trees can be replaced and the land they are removed from cultivated to grow more for generations to come.

The benefit of using oak as a building material is its durability. Oak is a very dense naturally occurring material with its high tannin content, making it resistant to fungal diseases and insects.

Not only is using oak for your building project or refurbishment an exceptionally aesthetic feature, it is also an environmentally friendly building resource.

As wood is a carbon neutral product, there are no emissions that are harmful to the environment. Other building materials such as steel require the burning of fossil fuel by-products at extremely high temperatures, producing CO2 emissions believed to harm the environment.  Using oak for your building materials is a natural way to construct buildings and the craftsmanship involved comes from hundreds of years of tradition and technique.

Solar Panels on Roof
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