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Bespoke Oak Framed Houses & Buildings  

Offering a complete Turnkey service or Frame Only options for Self Builders

Based in the Heart of Hampshire and sourcing only the finest Green Oak from Sustainably developed Woodlands, we design and create buildings that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Buildings to Inspire 

Whether it be a House, Garage or Outbuilding,  we approach each build with the same ethos: to find a design that will seamlessly enhance the natural surroundings of which it is set. Understanding our Client on a personal level is of utmost importance to us- which is why one of the first things we do is sit down and talk to you about everything you dream the building will be and the feelings it will evoke. Our aim is to make architecturally beautiful pieces that are also Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and enhance your way of living.

Bespoke Design

Working with our Architects and our Clients directly we can create a bespoke solution that works for the individual, as we appreciate that a home can mean different things to different people. We are also happy to work with a design you have already chosen, or if you are needing complete inspiration on where to get started we have an abundanc of previous designs that can provide that spark of an idea needed to get things rolling. 

Specialist Expertise

For 24 years we have been crafting, creating and inspired by Oak - a family business that involves multiple generations who have become experts in their craft. We started out in 1995 building small garden outhouses in Oak using traditional joinery techniques. Over the years the scale of our projects have grown to include Detached Houses and Commercial Buildings such as a Boutique Sports Centre. No matter the scale of your project we apply the same expertise and craftsmanship that has taken years to refine- ancient techniques adapted to fuse with contemporary Design. 


Contact Us 

Our Workshop is based just outside of Beautiful Winchester, Hampshire where we take inspiration from the original medieval Timber structures in the once ancient capital city.

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Book a Complementary Site Consultation Today

We'd love the opportunity to come and see your site and discuss what Oak buildings could be possible. We're passionate about Oak and it's benefits as a building material and we love to share this with you over a Coffee.

 Office: 01962 776217

Nick Welch Director: 07919987451

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